Frequently Asked Questions

Select individual-click create account- fill in the required information, email address and password and login. Congratulations! Now you're an emptra user
No, Emptra is free for all individuals, only if you want to opt for additional services, you can buy a subscription.
Click on Add company that is just next to the company list, input the accurate company name and Enter, you can find your previous company in the company list column now.
Log in your emptra profile, click on Edit Profile on the left column of the page, click on Education and Employment, scroll down and input the necessary details in the employment section and click on update.
ET or Employment tracking score is a consolidated report that reflects the individual's performance that includes his/her professional history, social activities, health, on the job performance, character, lifestyle etc. A higher ET score enables you with more opportunities
ET ID and ET key is generated by Emptra to make it easier for you or your organisation to search for your complete professional profile. You can share your ID and Key with potential employers/organisations
Complete your profile, complete all the verification processes, update your learning and health stats regularly, actively participate in social awareness activities and increase your help stats. All these factors contribute towards improving your ET score.
  • Learning stats reflect your performance and scores of any new course or skill you are currently learning or previously learned. It reflects your data about your course progress including the time it took you to learn it.
  • Health stats show your ongoing fit activities and record your progress as well
  • Help stats show a record of all your social awareness and welfare activities for eg: volunteering for WSD for animals, volunteering for orphanages, or participating in blood donation drives etc
You can go on this link for more information (link)
You can share your ET ID and ET Key with anyone, even if they aren’t emptra users, they can see your profile just by inputting your id and key on the emptra website (link)
No, My Diary is a completely private feature which is only for your personal use to log in your memories, daily progress, notes etc.
We are running a free membership drive till x date
Emptra works as a firewall between potential employees and HR of an organisation that helps the HR by giving out the verified legal information of all the candidates, therefore, making the shortlisting process much easier.

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